Site Search Impact on Sales

Site Search Impact on Sales

Marketing teams use tests and data to learn their customers in order to earn and retain them. As they do this, marketers are constantly adjusting and trying to perfect their results. Despite these efforts, a large quantity of businesses fail to realize an extremely useful and powerful tool: the search bar. When properly optimized, the search bar can be the strongest avenue for ecommerce sites to take when adjusting and refiguring their strategies.

Not only will implementing a successful search tool provide you with tremendous amounts of knowledge of you customers and their everchanging needs, but also will launch your sales to new levels.

Internal Search - Why sales teams should care about search?

Internal search refers to the function within a specific website that helps guide users to find content, products, or anything else the business might be able to offer on a site.

If your business offers any type of products, content, or other services, you have to expect that your users will be anticipating search on your site. In fact, around half of ecommerce site visitors go straight for the search bar. This means that your search bar will be one of the first impressions of your business to many visitors, as well as an overall perception of your brand. The search bar will also have a heavy affect on you bottom line.

A powerful, effective search quickly connects your customer to their needs, driving increased conversion rates and an improved user experience, which ensures customers to coming back.

A poorly or undeveloped search, on the other hand, prevents the visitor from finding what they are looking for. Instead of being the avenue for them to take to reach their destination (desired product), the search has become a roadblock. This is the harsh affect it causes because of the impact that users have grown to expect from it. When that expectation is not met, you have now opened the door for them to become your competitor’s customer. About 1 out of every 8 customers that has an unsuccessful search experience will bounce to a competitor’s site.

No matter what operation your site is running, you can benefit from a great search that serves your customers with increased speed and relevance. The more content and products you have, the more necessary search is in order to simplify your customer’s experience. Without this power, it will be impossible for customers to consistently be able to navigate your site. Without navigation, there will be no conversions.

Beyond the goal of being able to bring users your products, a well-designed internal search engine gives the customer a sense of comfortability because of the personalized atmosphere that good search can help create.

5 Ways Hawksearch can add to your Business Strategy

  1. Merchandizing Tools: Ability to segment your audience based on location, what time they are visiting, what device they are using, and other custom integrated data. You can also interact with your results impacted by certain phrases, as well as the capability to boost, bury, pin, and recommend products based on your chosen criteria.
  2. Understanding Users with Machine Learning: Hawksearch AI Learning diagnoses every move a user makes and responds through recommendations and intelligent suggestions. The system will remember that user’s activity for the next time they come and the more the user interacts with your site, the better and more relevant their search experience will become.
  3. Manage Search Data with Customizable Reporting: See where your user’s interests lie and what they are looking for. Bolster your decision making with a robust dashboard of data that identifies search patterns, allowing you to pinpoint which search terms, results, and interactions impact conversions. Modify the reporting dashboard based on your company’s specific needs and focus.
  4. Faceted Navigation: Hawksearch works outside out the search box as well. Our tools are not a stand-alone operation. We enhance the entirety of your site: our facets and categories are relevant and not too broad. Facets are only offered when the search is relevant. If someone has searched for boats, a drop-down menu with the filters for RV rentals because on that specific page, this would not apply.
  5. Ability to adjust with your success and growth: Our tools are made to take in large amounts of data and adjust to the amount. Ai Learning will always be comprehending, and our autocomplete, synonym, and spell corrections can help to simplify and narrow down results and ideas for the customer, so that as your business grows and your marketing campaigns will shift, your user will remain comfortable and never be overwhelmed.


Allow Hawksearch to do the work for you. From the moment the visitor arrives at your site and goes straight for the search bar, you can be confident in knowing three things:

First, that whatever move they are going to make will be noted by our system and will affect the rest of their visits to give a personalized experience. Therefore, you can count on returning customers.

Second, your customer will feel comfortable and be met with related and relevant results, meaning the chances of him bouncing to other sites quickly when going through search.

And ultimately, if you have what the customer is looking for, they will find that product faster and easier than before.

To learn more about how Hawksearch can enhance marketing strategy and improve sales for your business, click here.