Integration Made Easy: On-Site Search for BigCommerce

On-Site Search for BigCommerce

The #1 B2B search solution for BigCommerce, now named the first Elite Partner for BigCommerce in Site Search and Recommendations.

Increase Sales with Better Search

While BigCommerce Native Search provides capabilities to support ecommerce sites with smaller product catalogues, limited traffic and specialized inventory, adding a purpose-built platform to your technology stack with robust capabilities enables you to significantly expand your operations. Sell, upsell and cross-sell to clients and move more of them to online ordering without using up valuable resources on the phone or in your store.

Advanced Features include

  • Robust Search and Configurable Autocomplete: Provide Relevant, Reliable Results
    • Returning search results without accuracy quickly leads to dissatisfaction. Benefit from insights captured from prior search activity and refine results to increase relevancy. Put optimization of results in your merchandisers’ hands with our deep learning AI engine.
  • Recommendations: Unleash a digital salesperson working full time on your site
    • Advanced recommendations greatly enhance your ability to upsell and cross-sell to your clients with average order size increases over 25%.
  • Unlimited Faceted Navigation: Help your clients find really what they are looking for
    • Unlock the power of facets and filters to provide easy ways to navigate to just the right product quickly and effectively.
  • Advanced Product Comparisons: Because clients need help
    • 72% of site visitors say they have struggled to find the right product on ecommerce sites. Rich product comparisons that allow you to show only the different attributes help a purchaser make that decisions easier.
  • SEO Optimizer: Get discovered online
    • Leverage your on-site search and facets to auto generate a massive number of SEO impactful dynamic pages, greatly expanding your top of funnel SEO coverage.
  • Even more advanced ecommerce features
    • Companies can take advantage of Hawksearch’s advanced SKU/part number/YMM search analyzer, the ability to normalize and enrich product data, variant logic to display the right image based on color or style search when multiple options exist, landing pages to power better conversions and supporting marketing outreach, and more.

Take your search to new heights with Hawksearch!

Hawksearch is an intelligent search and recommendations platform that powers success for any size business across all industries. Our goal is to ensure brands have innovative tools to deliver accurate, relevant and customizable search experiences enabling users to find the relevant results for their needs in context, no matter the device, platform, or language. Having completed over 1,500+ implementations, Hawksearch is utilized for delivering engaging and personalized search experiences through our innovative features, which enable marketers, merchandisers and developers to accomplish their goals.

Accelerate conversions with an advanced search Application for BigCommerce

With millions of products available today, a great search tool is no longer optional – it's a requirement. Hawksearch enables both B2C and B2C businesses to increase engagement and build customer loyalty through search. The best shopping experience is a personalized experience. Hawksearch delivers the right content, at the right time, on whichever device your users are using. Provide pinpoint accuracy and relevancy to every search query completed and accelerate the path to conversion.

Hawksearch is trusted by several brands built on BigCommerce, such as Berlin Packaging and Rackmount Solutions.

Hawksearch – BigCommerce Application Overview

Hawksearch Application for BigCommerce allows merchandisers, marketers and developers to extend Hawksearch's leading advanced search capabilities to your BigCommerce stores. Hawksearch can power the following sections of your BigCommerce site

  • Search
  • Autocomplete on Search textbox
  • Landing/Category Pages

To install the Application please go to the BigCommerce Application marketplace and select the Hawksearch Application and click install.  Although the download of the Application itself is free, to use the Hawksearch Application in production mode requires a monthly fee and depends on the 3 factors

  • Monthly Search Traffic and Category Page Views
  • Number of Products in your BigCommerce store
  • Number of Attributes in your BigCommerce store

Installation Process

The process of getting Hawksearch up and running on your site involves the following

  • Install Hawksearch Application from the BigCommerce Marketplace
  • If the Application install goes through successfully you should see the success message below.

  • All Application downloads once successful require activation on the Hawksearch platform, Until the installation is approved, the application will stay in pending status. If you try to access the application, you will see the message below. Typical approval times for new accounts range from eight to sixteen business hours after the request has been made.


  • Once installation has been approved, the home screen of the Application will display the Hawksearch Dashboard link you can use to tune the search settings. The username/password for accessing the dashboard will be provided in a separate email to the designated email address specified during installation. Additional settings for managing the data feed generation are provided on the Application screens
  • Review and adjust any configuration as desired on the Application screens
    • Home Screen
      • This screen will provide an overview of the support contact and the link to the Hawksearch dashboard. It will also provide access to the online documentation that comes with Hawksearch application

  • General Settings
    • This screen provides an overview of Hawksearch API engine information and data feed details.


  • Api Key: This will the unique API key that will be used for your engine and will allow you to connect to the Hawksearch API
  • Guid: This is unique tracking key code used for tracking purposes
  • Engine Name: This will be the unique name for the site URL you will connect to for your Hawksearch API requests
  • SFTP Settings: The Application will send data feeds generated from BigCommerce to an FTP location on the Hawksearch side. The remaining settings will provide details of the FTP location. This account is specific to your installation of Hawksearch so files are only accessible to you and the Hawksearch staff working on your account. The Application will be sending product data to this FTP location on a scheduled basis as configured in the data feed schedule screen
  • Notification Settings
    • This section will be initialized on installation with information based on the store profile in BigCommerce. These settings are used for any communication about your account and feed schedule changes. You can choose to edit the information on this screen to disconnect the email address from the store profile and choose a different email address and phone number for communication.


  • Data Feed Schedule
    • The Data Feed Schedule section displays the task details, provides the ability to run task on demand, and manage schedule details. Date and time values are displayed in CST time zone.

    • To edit the schedule details, click on the edit icon before the Generate Data Feed text. Clicking on ‘Save Schedule’ will send an email to ‘Notification Email’ value defined in Notification settings.
    • The last Run time indicates the time task ran last at and the status of the success.


  • Store Settings
    • This tab shows the settings for the BigCommerce API version you can use with the plugin to generate data for Hawksearch. In addition, this tab will also highlight if the category pages from BigCommerce should be synced to Hawksearch. In order to enable the front-end piece of this functionality please reference next section. The Landing pages setting only affects category pages and does not impact any search functionality


  • Click the "Generate Feed" button manually and ensure that the feeds on the SFTP account specified on the Data Feed Settings screen are refreshed
  • Login to the Hawksearch dashboard and click on rebuild index and ensure that index is processed successfully
  • Click on your "View Store" link and confirm you can now see Hawksearch active on the site. you should start seeing the Hawksearch autocomplete results show up when you start typing in the search textbox
  • Schedule training with Hawksearch by contacting [email protected] or check out the help section for videos and additional documentation on the tool
  • If you wish to power your category pages through Hawksearch follow instructions on the Updating Category Theme section.


How to Get the Hawksearch / BigCommerce Application​​​​​​​

It’s easy to get.  You can download directly from



BigCommerce Essentials starts at $175/month

  • Includes access to the entire Hawksearch platform including search, recommendations, unlimited facetted navigation, autocomplete, comparisons, and more.
  • Standard Implementation starts at $1,000 using Hawksearch templates or work with your favorite theme or API for an additional fee.
  • Open to BigCommerce Essentials customers with up to $400k in yearly online revenue*


BigCommerce Enterprise - contact us for custom pricing details or call 888-7-SEARCH

  • Take advantage of a pricing model aligned specifically to your BigCommerce license. Eliminate the need to deal with different licensing models for Search and Merchandising alongside of your Commerce Engine.
  • Highly cost-effective solution that is tied to revenue performance. You don't pay unless you are generating revenue.
  • Open to BigCommerce Enterprise customers and/or online stores with more than $400k in yearly online revenue*


*Online sales per year calculated on a trailing 12-month basic