Filling the Ecommerce Shopping Cart: Great Ways to Use Search to Increase Revenue Per Customer – Part Two

In part 1 of this blog series, we discussed several effective methods to increase Average Revenue Per Customer (ARPC) in the world of ecommerce. By boosting the ARPC for your business, each conversion becomes more valuable. The foundation of success in online retailing centers around the creation of a personalized shopping experience for every site visitor. We human beings tend to easily purchase products when we feel that they complement who we are as individuals.

On-site search is a great tool that can help us give each online visitor a unique and personalized shopping experience. Previously we elaborated on how certain search functionalities such as visitor targeting and machine learning (coupled with a product recommendation feature) can greatly increase ARPC.

In this blog, we will highlight two more methods by which search technology can boost your business’s bottom line and ARPC.

Metrics Reporting

One of the most powerful tools today within search engines for marketers is the robust metrics data that is available to them. Web retailers who study and make marketing decisions based on actual online visitor behavior will greatly increase their chances of conversions and considerably raise ARPC. Such reports as the percentage of visitors using a search bar, top keywords used, sales generated from specific terms and even the number of search efforts that end with poor results can be critical in making accurate decisions on marketing strategies. Fine tuning your search tool to return results based on actual visitor patterns can be a powerful way to fill up shopping carts and boost ARPC.

Boost Rules/Pining/Banner Campaigns

It is a given fact that when merchants highlight certain products, the chances of selling those items goes way up. An example of this in the traditional retail space would be the time-tested sales flyer that every grocery store used to hand out on a weekly basis.

Search tools can now deliver the same kind of product spotlighting for ecommerce. Online marketers have the ability through boosting rules within the search tool to highlight and give featured exposure to certain products, with the aim of shining a light on them to capture the attention of a given segment of shoppers.

In addition, the pinning feature in the search dashboard empowers marketing teams to manually insert certain products/items in specific places within landing pages in order to draw visitors to them.

Lastly, banner campaigns are an effective way to focus shoppers’ eyes on a product or promotion that will hopefully spur action that leads to a conversion. Banners can be placed to appear to specific shopping audiences, based on demographics, media channel or other known visitor information.


Knowing exactly the revenue generated from each customer is a time tested and effective way to know how successful your marketing strategies are performing. Search engines today can help you personalize each user experience by utilizing visitor targeting, machine learning, metrics, boost rules and pinning/banner campaigns. Raising your ARPC can go a long way toward continued success in ecommerce.

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