Federated Search Tools for Associations: A Key Element for Website Success

Associations play a critical role in the industries in which they represent. Whether they concentrate on a certain trade or industry, associations are often seen as the hub for information resources and other important communications about their given field. In the modern business world of today, an association’s website is the main tool to disseminate all that a given association has to offer. Websites specifically designed for associations are complicated in that they provide a vast amount of critical information to their site visitors. In addition, these sites are able to offer users a robust amount of functionality including ecommerce, registering for events/classes, calendars, regulation information and education. Association websites can provide such a large amount of information to members because their data sources come from many different platforms, across multiple systems. Arranging this amount of information and presenting it to website visitors in an organized, easy to use fashion is pertinent for association websites to be successful. Your on-site search platform will play a critical role in accomplishing these goals, as the search function is the gateway to all that the association’s website can provide to members. In addition, your on-site search platform must be able to provide personalized and relevant search results from a single query that have been sourced from the many platforms the website is relying upon for information. If you are looking for a way to provide satisfying search experiences across your entire association website, welcome to federated search for associations, powered by Hawksearch.

The Benefits Of An Association Website Using The Federated Search Strategy

Comprehensive Site Search Function

Allow your members to benefit from being connected to all of the data and resources that are available on your website, not just bits and pieces of it. Whether the information they are seeking lives on a platform dedicated to ecommerce, classes/events, news, educational resources, blog posts or anything else, Hawksearch empowers your site visitors to search for information in the aggregate, by gaining access to all available data sources that your website has to offer on a given topic. Providing your members and visitors a comprehensive search from your entire website, instead of one that is narrowly focused will be sure to give them a satisfactory experience.

Automated Index Updates

Search tools do their work by indexing all the information on your website. The indexing process is what enables the federated search tool to look for and find requested items. If additional information within your site is added but not indexed, the search platform will not be able to find it. When association websites rely on so many different sources to collect their information from, it is critical that your search platform is able to recognize any new or updated data that is available. Hawksearch automatically indexes your site on an ongoing basis, saving you the trouble of a manual process. In addition, by having an automatic index feature, any new information from the various platforms that your website depends on will be able to be utilized by your members and visitors. This feature assures that the most current information about your industry is available to everyone.

Filtering For Relevance

Website visitors today are seeking satisfactory search experiences that provide them with personalized and relevant search results from a single query. Powerful filters built into Hawksearch enable members to receive search results that are narrowed down for optimal relevance. Search relevance is also greatly increased by machine learning. Machine learning technology takes an enormous amount of search data and analyzes it in order to recognize visitor search patterns and behavior trends. Hawksearch takes the analysis from machine learning and makes predictions about what visitors are most likely looking for, which helps provide additional relevance to the search results.

Testing Site Effectiveness by Studying Data

Association websites can learn a great deal by studying the data that is captured by Hawksearch on member search patterns and trends. By looking at such metrics reporting as the top 250 keywords, conversion summary, searches with poor results, pagination activity and other information, website administrators can see how effectively visitors are finding what they are looking for and just as importantly, areas in which searchers are running into roadblocks. Studying search data is often underutilized, but for association websites, it can be a powerful tool in continuing to refine the ability for visitors to take full advantage of all the information resources available on the website. Association websites are extremely valuable tools for members, visitors and anyone interested in a given industry. These sites rely on receiving information from many different sources and platforms. Hawksearch has the ability to provide your members with a federated search tool that indexes your entire site and not just bits and pieces of it. With automated indexing updates, relevance filtering, machine learning and access to extremely insightful metrics data, association websites can provide users a personalized and relevant search experience, as well as complete access to all that your website has to offer them. When it comes to federated search providers, you can count on Hawksearch to help you accomplish the goals of your association website.