Boost Your SEO with On-Site Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental goal of nearly every website, no matter the industry or subject matter. When it comes to Google search rankings, visibility is crucial, as it can make all the difference between reliable, robust web traffic and online insignificance. While Google continues its efforts to continually enhance the relevance and meaningfulness of user search results, on-site search and insight tools such as Hawksearch can be used to improve your site’s SEO. Here are some of the ways that the Hawksearch feature SEO Influencer can help put your content in the best position to achieve maximum SEO success.

Sitemaps & Facet Combination Control

Through its automatic indexing feature, Hawksearch creates expansive sitemaps that guides Google to the most pertinent landing pages via relevant search terms and long tail keywords. The sitemap that Hawksearch creates is extremely efficient, in that it allows Google to crawl the most significant facets about a product and not the more generic descriptors that tend to dilute search accuracy and significance. By utilizing the notion of quality vs. quantity, Hawksearch helps merchandisers avoid facets on the sitemap that are better handled on a landing page itself (in the example of clothing, color or size), which prevents over taxing the limited crawling resources of Google. In addition, because these kinds of facets tend to apply to many different products, a site’s search rankings can avoid being dinged by Google for what it may perceive to be duplicate content. While merchandisers have complete control over which facets to use on the sitemap, the Hawksearch SEO Influencer tool is a powerful way to utilize the most effective facet combinations.

Utilizing Popular Searches For SEO

Every website has their own unique collection of popular searches. Hawksearch is able to capture such data and use it to optimize SEO. If one of a site’s most common search phrases is “pocket t shirt”, that specific, long tail keyword can be chosen to be included on the sitemap in which Google crawls for information. Hawksearch empowers online sellers to not only use targeted search terms of a more general nature, but also those that are specific to their website’s unique product lines. Having the option to simultaneously utilize highly effective facet control, pinpointed, long tail keywords, as well as unique, most popular search terms is a powerful way to optimize SEO rankings. Search engine optimization is a dynamic process in the sense that the rules for success are never stagnant. Google users today are expecting greater search personalization and relevance with each passing year. With the online marketplace ever expanding, capturing the attention of busy searchers is becoming increasingly critical. By utilizing the SEO Influencer found in Hawksearch, web sellers can greatly increase their ability for Google to accurately capture information for improved SEO rankings. Contact Hawksearch today to learn more about the SEO Influencer tool!