3 Tech Tips for Black Friday

Many people who have recently gone to a brick and mortar store have been very surprised to see the Holiday themed promotions out and in full swing. These exciting spectacles can mean only one thing – Welcome to holiday season 2018. Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day in the nation for over a decade. While the start of the holiday season (being the day after Thanksgiving) has existed since 1952, the term Black Friday was not widely used until the early 2000’s. Billions of dollars are spent on Black Friday’s 4-day weekend and an enormous amount of purchases are now done on ecommerce websites. The holiday season is a critical time of year for internet retailers and often can make or break a company’s annual revenue goals. Your website’s search tool will play an incredibly crucial role in making the Black Friday weekend all that you need it to be with regard to sales and moving product. This special time is also a period when buyer patience is low and disappointment is not taken well. In the spirit of this joyous time of year, here are 3 great tips that you will want to incorporate into your search and insight engine’s functionality.

Boost & Bury Rules

This feature is incredibly important, as it allows you to control what products are shown more prominently in search results, as compared to others. Black Friday shoppers need to feel confident that you can deliver on the items they are looking for, so many ecommerce sellers have relied on boost and bury rules to highlight certain products while at the same time, hiding others that can’t or won’t sell well. For example, sellers will want to boost items that they have readily in stock, versus the ones that they can’t replenish back into inventory. Out of stock or discontinued product selections should be buried in search results. The Hawksearch boost and bury rules empower marketers and merchandisers to point shoppers to products that are not only relevant to their search queries, but also ones that will show up on the front porch at the desired time.

Visitor Targeting

Visitor Targeting can be a very effective way to increase the chance of conversion because it gives online sellers the ability to market the right items to a specific audience. Search results can be made more relevant for site visitors by utilizing known data about them. This kind information can be their zip code, age, gender or prior purchase history. If you are an online seller of shoes and your visitor lives in Miami, it is not going to lead to a purchase if your search results display thick, furry winter boots. Conversely, a shopper in Green Bay will not appreciate seeing shorts and tank tops in the middle of January. The accuracy of your search results will reduce the amount of clicks shoppers need to go through, which has been shown to increase conversion rates. Through visitor targeting, Hawksearch can deliver very personalized and relevant search results, which lead to more meaningful buying experiences.

Machine Learning and Relevant Recommendations

Machine learning has emerged as a result of the many breakthroughs with artificial intelligence. Through machine learning, Hawksearch can capture an enormous about of data and information regarding the search patterns and behavior of site visitors. Analyzing this data allows the search tool to make predictions about which products consumers will be most likely to purchase. Machine learning is the foundation of Relevant Recommendations, the optional and powerful Hawksearch feature that enables marketers to engage in upselling by making suggestions of alternative products that have a high likelihood of being purchased. Page headers with titles such as “people also bought” or “more like this” allow ecommerce sellers to make specific recommendations to people based on known search data. This technology has greatly increased additional sales and conversion rates. The Black Friday weekend is very important to companies that sell their products on the internet. Search tools such as Hawksearch can greatly improve their level of success by boosting products that can be delivered, providing personalized and relevant search results and engaging in suggestive selling techniques that really work. Happy Black Friday Selling!