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Retailers are changing the way people shop online. With millions of products available today, a great search tool is no longer optional – it’s a requirement. Hawksearch enables businesses to increase engagement  and build customer loyalty through search. The best shopping experience is a personalized experience.  Hawksearch delivers the right content, at the right time, on whichever device they are using. 


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Three Advantages for B2C Ecommerce

Relevant Filters

Relevant Filtering

>Products have numerous attribute categories by which shoppers narrow their choices. With Hawksearch those categories can be applied as filters and relevantly displayed based on the department or search results page.



Today’s shopper expects an online experience tailored to them.  Hawksearch delivers personalization on a scale of your comfort.  Highlight products based on location, weather, past purchases, and more, so that appropriate products are displayed.

Relevant Recommendations

Relevant Recommendations

Providing information that is relevant to a shopper has been proven to increase the bottom line.  With ecommerce, Relevant Recommendations utilizes machine learning to identify recommendations to present shoppers with products that are best sellers, trending, etc.


"Hawksearch had the cleanest merchandising functionality out of all the site search products we evaluated, The user interface is very friendly and will make it much easier for us to keep our merchandising and promotions fresh and relevant."

  • wrigleyville-sports
    Eric Castellucci

    Online Marketing Manager for Wrigleyville Sports 

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