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Seamlessly integrate Hawksearch with your business to increase operational marketing efficiencies. Provide pinpoint accuracy and relevancy to every search query completed and accelerate the path to conversion.


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Three Advantages for B2B Ecommerce

Relevant Filters

Flexible API

Seamlessly integrate with the business tools you utilize today. Hawksearch is platform agnostic and can be easily integrated with virtually any B2B ecommerce platform. Hawksearch’s modern architecture enables you to design and implement a solution customized to meet your unique requirements.


Account Based Personalization

Your merchandising team will enjoy the easy to use tools that enable them to present the most effective products and content for a customer by industry, company, or role.

Relevant Recommendations

Scalable to your catalog

Designed to handle millions of transactions with sub-second response time. Hawksearch’s SaaS and on-premise solutions allow you to grow at your own pace dependent upon your needs.


"Through visibility rules and other Hawksearch tools, we can easily return relevant search results to customers based on inventory nearest to them. Because we also want to adhere to manufactures' exclusive territory mandates, Hawksearch allows us to display the right products, in the correct territory and to the proper audience. We now have the tools to successfully address any number of complex search challenges."

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    Eric Sywenki

    Electronic Business, State Electric Supply Co.

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