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Are you members stumbling in their search experience to find information that is important to them? Hawksearch indexes and learns from their interactions to return the most relevant results quickly — no matter the platform that your association management system (AMS), community or website are built upon.


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Learn how to engage your members with a better search experience.

Three Advantages for Associations

Improve Member Experience

Improve Member Experience

Your members have specific goals in mind when they visit your association online properties. Make those goals easier to accomplish by providing a powerful search experience. Integrate with your AMS to utilize member profile information to personalize the search experience.

Federated Search


Don’t make your members forage in the dark forest. With most associations having multiple systems that members interact with, allow them to search across all the systems in one effort. Hawksearch provides the ability for a single search results page to provide indexed results from all systems – increasing the efficiency of members’ time finding information.

Relevant Filters


Sifting through the excessive amount of content on websites today isn’t fun. Use relevant filtering to provide a useful search experience. Hawksearch tailors filter facets allowing members to quickly identify ways to further reduce the results.

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