February 2017 New Release Snapshot

Winter is almost over, but the Hawk team hasn’t been hibernating. As always, we’ve been listening to new ideas and feedback from our customers and working to help provide the features that they need to grow and succeed. This month’s release includes upgrades to Content Landing Pages, Workbench Usability, Pinning Flexibility, and more.

We’re proud to announce the enhancements from the February 2017 release:

Added Spotlighting Flexibility on Content Landing Pages
Content Landing Pages have been upgraded to allow flexibility to include product spotlights.

Easier Data Feed Troubleshooting
We’ve added more visibility to the status of data feed operations to avoid confusion and reduce the need for IT involvement.

Pinning Flexibility
Building on the pinning upgrade from January, our team has added even more customization options to Hawk’s pinning capabilities, whichprovide more precision and control for business users.

Workbench Usability Improvements

Our team has made User Interface and User Experience tweaks to the workbench to increase visibility on landing page and pinning options.

If you are interested to learn more about Hawk capabilities, please contact us at sales@hawksearch.com.

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