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Our co-founder talks about the latest Hawk innovations, sprung from customer feedback and anticipating the growing e-merchandising trends. 

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Site Search Engine – Hawk Search Gives Merchandisers Control Over Shoppers Experience

In the rapidly changing world of e-commerce technology and software, being able to adapt quickly and with thorough solutions is a necessity. Hawk Search strives to provide the best customer experience in the e-commerce and online publishing markets. Their modern, easy-to-use platform makes it possible to filter and deliver results based on what is important to the customer—ensuring delivery of fast, relevant, and profitable results. Below is our interview with co-founder of Hawk Search:

Q: How would you describe Hawk Search? Could you tell us Hawk Search’s startup story?

A: Founded in 2012 by proven e-commerce entrepreneurs, Hawk strives to equip established e-commerce companies with the most comprehensive e-merchandising platform to drive growth.

An e-commerce team utilizes the modern, easy-to-use platform to deliver a relevant experience based on proven machine learning to determine what is important to the customer and profitable for their clients. With over 400 sites—including PGA Tour Superstore and Shoe Carnival—Hawk has been gaining larger, high profile clients as it continually expands its feature set.

Q: What are main benefits for merchandisers?

A: Considering how customizable the Hawk solution can be for any size company, the extensive list of features and hallmarks have multitude of benefits. That being said, there are some that tend to apply across the board:

  • A unified shopping experience improves conversion rates across the board: Whether shoppers start their journeys from the site search box, top level navigation, or by landing on a content landing page, Hawk can influence the whole experience up to checkout. Also, merchandisers now have control over their experience through one unified Workbench tool. Pairing these capabilities with Hawk’s querying speed provides an optimized experience for every shopper.
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  • Shoppers buy more than before: With Hawk’s e-merchandising capabilities, there is more opportunity to position and merchandise products like never before. Up-sell and cross-sell strategies can be weaved throughout the whole experience so shoppers find the products that are best.
  • Drive more new shoppers to the site: SEO and content marketing capabilities can help scale organic search traffic initiatives. Accurate sitemap generation, link building, and content management are all included in Hawk.

Q: What kind of feedback are you getting from your clients?

A: As we’ve grown from a site search solution to a fully comprehensive e-merchandising suite, customers have repeatedly told us that Hawk is not only meeting their needs but pioneering the next must-have features and capabilities, all while maintaining an easy-to-implement system. Being able to make instant adjustments without involving IT has allowed merchandisers to tailor their customers’ journey specifically to their business. You can check out our Clients page, as well as our case studies for a glimpse of what customers have said in the past. We are also on G2Crowd, a neutral business software review platform, and have been very happy with what customers have been saying. That would be a great place to look.

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Q: What can we expect from Hawk Search in the next year? What are your plans?

A: Hawk is growing in market share and servicing larger clients. With over 100% year-over-year client growth and signing more Internet Retailer Top 500 companies, such as Oriental Trading Company, Hawk is poised to continue its growth above and beyond. Hawk is built upon experience and built to be future-proof so whatever comes next, you can trust that Hawk is at the forefront.

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