August 2016 News Release Snapshot

We've come a long ways since 2012 when our focus was on creating the best e-commerce site search engine in the marketplace. Over the past four years the team has taken the platform to new levels and e-merchandising is the word that now defines Hawk.

Our product recommendation engine, content landing pages, and SEO capabilities go way beyond site search and we're excited about the robust functionality we offer today and the awesome features in our product road map. Without further ado, here's a recap of the enhancements from the August release:

Hawk E-merchandising Enhancements

  • Facet Administration Update — Our clients have thousands of products with a large number of facets to refine and personalize the customer experience based on shopper behavior. Hawk's workbench facet admin screen has been updated with new search and sorting capabilities that make it easy to quickly locate a facet. 
  • Autocomplete: Exclude Misspellings —The autocomplete feature now excludes popular misspelled terms from the autocomplete feature, but don't worry we still return relevant results for misspelled terms.
  • Landing Page Custom Field Admin Update — Larger organizations often have many landing pages and the custom field is an important internal tool for managing these pages. Now this field can be set as "read only" through Administrative Settings so it can't be changed without proper authority.
  • Landing Page: Notes Field — A new field has been added to the landing page so users can enter internal comments about the landing page. Notes can be as detailed as needed are a great way to include important reference information about a particular campaign for future reference.
  • Visitor Targets Enhancement — Visitor targets are a great way to improve the relevancy of a marketing campaign and/or on-site merchandising by tailoring results based on demographic information, such as gender or location. Now merchandisers have even more flexibility when it comes to defining how a visitor target's conditions are met. Visitor targets can be expanded by using the new Custom "contains" to match values, such as demographic or customer group information that are passed in.
  • Campaigns Admin Enhancement: Search by Start and End Dates — Hawk's campaign admin panel has been updated to make it easy for users to search by start and end dates to quickly locate a specific campaign by date.

With code freezes and the holiday season just around the corner, we're heads down finalizing some of the major enhancement on the product road map.

If you have any ideas for the product road map, please let your Account Manager know or email us at

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