March 2016 Release Snapshot

Content Landing Pages

Hawk Search’s native Landing Pages offer the ability to dynamically optimize the customer experience and display highly relevant Product Listings to each and every visitor. A common use case for this feature is for a merchandiser to create a custom page showcasing products that are on sale. The custom URL for the product listing page is used in marketing campaigns, such as paid search and e-mail blasts, to deliver highly relevant results that align with campaign messaging.

The introduction of Content Landing Pages bridges an existing gap for e-commerce businesses that have limited ability to merchandise content landing pages due to the absence of a Content Management System (CMS). Through the Hawk Search Merchandising Workbench, merchandisers are able to start with a blank canvas, build and preview a new content landing page, and publish it immediately.

Many of our customers have been asking for more versatility when building landing pages because they don’t have CMS capabilities. We loved the challenge the merchandisers gave us—the Hawk Search team put our heads together to design and develop an intuitive interface that makes it easy for them to build Content Landing Pages on the fly and without the headache of adding a new vendor with a full blown CMS to your environment.

In addition to Content Landing Pages, we've added a couple of features that are designed to make asking for assistance even easier.
  • Account Manager Widget — We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact us. The Account Manager Widget is accessible through the Conversation icon. The widget displays your Account Manager's information along with options to email, chat, open a ticket, or check status on existing tickets.
  • Preview Application: View Fields and Facets details — The Preview Application now includes a Fields and Facets tab when viewing the details of an individual product or record to help speed up troubleshooting unexpected results.

If you are a Hawk Search customer, read over our official release notes for other updates and for more detail. 

If you aren't a Hawk Search customer, join the family!

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