February 2016 Release Snapshot

New Hawk Search Features:

  • Workflow for Merchandisers—Clients with large merchandising teams require a workflow process for drafting, approving and publishing merchandising campaigns to ensure quality and accuracy. This enhancement to the Hawk Search Workbench enable a "draft-only" profile with limited access. Managers can then review, approve, change or reject as needed.
  • Activity Funnel Widget and Report—The new Activity Funnel visualizes a common visitor path. The funnel displays three steps (View, Add to Cart and Buy) with the associated goals for your site. The widget is available to add to the Dashboard along with a full report that displays daily statistics to help you monitor your business and identify opportunities for improvement.

Hawk Search Enhancements:

  • Mobile-Optimized Autocomplete Experience—For an improved mobile experience, Haw Search now utilizes the whole screen to display the autocomplete options to improve engagement and provide easier access to the autocomplete choices.
  • Negative FacetsFacets can now be configured to hide articles or items if selected. For Enterprise Search applications, this feature is helpful when navigating through articles across a large set of information. Negative (excluded) facets can be displayed in the breadcrumb trail.
  • Recommendation Widget integration enhancement—Each Recommendation Widget is referenced by a unique ID (GUID) which can be modified through the Workbench tool. This simplifies the support for all types of recommendations and also allows them to be transferred between multiple website environments.

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