Hawk Search New Feature Release | October

 We're wrapping up the year with some great enhancements to the dashboard, landing page configuration, and a new feature that enables customization of your site map for search engine optimization. Let's jump into the dashboard changes first.

Hawk Search Dashboard Enhancements

Reporting Improvements include:

  • Expanded results—Search keywords, keywords by clicks, and facets have been expanded to display the top 250 results.
  • Auto-complete report—Hawk Search clients now have the ability to track auto-completion click activity to gain insights into visitor behavior. Additionally the report can also be customized to filter based on Suggestion Type.

Dashboard: Zones Display

The Zones Display feature gives developers and programmers the ability to see the zones that have been defined for an individual application instance. All of the Dashboard enhancements are available upon request.

Search Engine Optimization

The new SEO Impact feature allows for the scheduled generation of site map definition files that can be used by Google, Bing, and Yahoo to intelligently crawl your website. Advanced users can customize the configuration to control which portions of your dynamic content is included in the site map.

Landing Pages: Facet Value Sort Override

Merchandisers now have even more control over the customer experience and navigation. The Facet Value Override offers the ability to customize the facet value order on landing pages. It's perfect for situations when the global facet sort order doesn't fit the navigation needs of an individual landing page.

Blacklist Enhancements

Last but not least, we have Blacklist Enhancements available upon request for Hawk Recommendations Clients. The feature adds Recommendation Strategy and Recommendation Context as additional rule conditions when configuring a Hide Trigger. Just like the Visitor Target rule condition, type ahead search makes it easy to quickly look up all available Recommendation Strategies and Contexts while you're configuring the rules. If you're interested in learning more about these features or any others, please leave us a comment or email us directly at sales@hawksearch.com. That's a wrap for 2015. We're already working on enhancements that will be rolled out in January of 2016, so stay tuned. We hope you have a successful and prosperous Holiday shopping season using Hawk Search and all the new features.    
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