Hawk Search New Feature Release | September

 Merchandising for the Holiday 2015 shopping season is going to be even easier for our Hawk Search clients. The September release includes new options for configuring and managing product recommendations, account insights and troubleshooting enhancements. Let's get straight to the overview of what's new:

Merchandising Rule Workbench Enhancements

Did you mean/Auto correct enhancements - the Hawk Search engine now has the ability to suggest alternate multiple terms for search queries with no results and to provide auto correction to default the term with the highest score. Administrators have access to the settings through the dashboard and can refine the behavior based on preference and/or customer experience requirements. In addition, settings for number of matches, minimum score match and threshold number can be updated to improve the results. Export - Landing Pages and Banners - now you can export landing configurations as a file report. The reports make it easier to audit a large number entries offline. Recommendations - Global Black List - if you're using the Hawk Search Recommendation feature, you'll love the ability to define products that will be suppressed from appearing the the recommendation algorithms. If you're not currently using the Recommendation feature and are interested in learning more, contact your account rep for more information and a demo.

Preview Tab - Troubleshooting Enhancements

Now merchandisers have even more control when developing and troubleshooting search results through the new preview tab. Any results that have been enhanced using any of the following features are eligible:
  • Boost and Bury
  • Visibility Rules
  • Personalized Boost
  • Item Pinning

Account Insights

Monthly Usage Widget - we wanted to make it easier for you to stay on top of the number of queries executed and the average number of items served during the current month. The widget displays the raw number, the quota number and a percentage representing the difference between these numbers.
 The widget display is green when the account is within 75% of the limit, yellow if the usage is between 79% and 95% of the limit and red when 95% of the limit has been reached. This widget is available on request, so just give your rep a call if you'd like to have this feature added to your dashboard. Account Information - the Account Info section has been enhanced to include a new sub-section named Setup Info, which provides key details for developers when integrating an application with Hawk Search.
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