Hawk Search New Feature Release | August 2015

It's hard to believe that a month has already passed since we announced our last set of enhancements to the Hawk Search user interface and merchandising workbench. The August release includes a variety of changes ranging from workbench administration improvements to new functionality for merchandising and marketing.

Site Merchandising Enhancements

Content Landing Page Creation - this new feature allows users to create a new type of landing page called a Content Landing Page. Merchandisers can now create simple content driven pages using elements such as banner or category images by customizing content elements within an existing template. Organizations with developer-savvy resources can coordinate with their Hawk Search administrators to create their own layout templates. This feature is available upon request, contact your account rep for details. "Time of Day" visitor targets - Creating a sense of urgency through limited time offers such as "lunch time sales" or "morning madness" promotions can be a great way to generate consumer interest and boost sales, but they aren't always easy to manage and execute - until now. Effective immediately all Hawk Search clients now have the ability to define visitor targets based on a "Time of Day" range, including the option to specify the "Day of the Week" condition as well. This will enable merchandisers to easily set up a product promotions and dynamically enhance the results for users based on time periods and/or days of the week. Visitor Targets - Time of Day SettingBoost and Bury Facets - Hawk Search also now provides the ability to selectively override the configured sort order for selected facets. Selected facet values can be boosted to the top of the list or buried at the bottom of the list globally or at a landing page level. If this sounds like a feature you'd like to learn more about, contact your account rep for additional information and a demonstration.

Merchandising Workbench Enhancements

Search by multiple tags - in July we added the ability to classify workbench elements such as landing pages, merchandising rules, and banners with one or more tags so users can add a descriptive attribute such as “Holiday” to all of the merchandising elements for future reference. The interface included the ability to search using a tag description to find all of the rules that are associated with that attribute. The August release enables the ability to search for more than one tag value at a time, making it easy to search on multiple tags such as Christmas and 2015. Multiple Tag Search  

Workbench Admin Enhancements

Activity Log - Hawk Search now displays activity by user in the Admin section of the workbench. This visibility will make it easier to diagnose problems and troubleshoot changes on the site. The activity log will track the following:
  • Username: The username used to perform the listed activity action.
  • Section: Workbench Dashboard Merchandising Section (e.g. Facet, Field, Landing Page, etc.)
  • Action: View, Insert, Update, or Delete
  • Action Date: Date and time the action took place
  • Remote IP: The remote IP used to perform the listed activity action.
  • API Action: This will indicate whether the dashboard or the API was used to perform the activity action. A Yes value indicates the API and not the dashboard was used.
Indexing Notifications - this feature allows admin users to configure email notifications for index updates and receive an email in the event of a failure or for every indexing run.

SEO Enhancements

Site map generator - this feature will allow users that have a fairly large or complex set of requirements for site map creation to generate and update an site map on a scheduled basis. The configuration process allows for an explicit set of facets to be defined within the link structure. Unique urls are generated based on the configuration that includes the specified facets; these urls can substantially increase the size of an organic footprint and drive traffic from those valuable long-tail searches.It also provides support for canonical links, maintaining a set order for generated links, no matter what order a dynamic set of pages were visited. Contact your account rep for more information on this feature. That's all for this month, stay tuned for September!
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