Hawk Search Announces New Features in July Release

The Hawk Search Team is excited to announce several new features effective immediately. Upgrades to the Hawk Search user interface not only enhance the user experience, they also increase exposure to online product selections. Changes to the merchandising workbench include features such as the ability to clone/copy merchandising rules and landing pages, making it easier and more efficient to manage websites. Some of these upgrades include:


Customer Experience Enhancements:

Upgrades to smart auto-complete:

  • The Hawk Search smart auto-complete feature just got even “smarter.” The algorithm has been updated to suppress similar words from displaying. For example if someone searches on “jacket” or “jackets,” the word that is most popular (based on search history) is displayed in the auto-complete field.

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  • The smart auto-complete search suggestions has been upgraded to improve the user experience by eliminating search query suggestions that are similar such as “dry dog food” and “dog food dry.” Now these suggestions will be rolled up together and only the most popular recommendation will display.

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Both of these changes are designed to optimize the experience and increase the visibility of unique product searches that are relevant to the base query.

 Merchandising Workbench Enhancements

The Hawk Search Team is excited to announce several upgrades to the workbench that merchandising teams are going to love!

  • Clone/Copy capabilities – with just the click of an icon it is now possible to copy an existing asset in the merchandising bench and create a copy of it. Now instead of creating a similar section from scratch, business users only have to update the fields that are changing. The feature is available for: banners, product spotlighting, campaigns, landing pages, visitor targets, merchandising tools, recommendations, and more.
  • Protected Words – Hawk Search’s native functionality performs stemming on common words to allow searches for “accounting” to also return results for “account,” which may not be ideal in some scenarios. Business users can now easily update the keyword search with keywords that should be excluded from stemming.
  • API: visitor targets – makes it easy to tap into the Hawk Search API tool to integrate features such as visitor targets into an existing CMS. It also provides the ability to create new rules using legacy data without having to log into the workbench.
  • Tagging – classify workbench elements such as landing pages, merchandising rules, and banners with one or more tags. This is a great way  to add a descriptive attribute such as “Holiday” to all of the merchandising elements for future reference. When it comes time to plan for an upcoming seasonal promotion, simply search on the tag and find everything that was set up with that attribute. Not only is it possible to see what's been done previously, it's not possible use the copy feature to streamline the process of setting up the current seasons promotions.

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Stay tuned for more exciting updates in August!

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