Wrigleyville Sports Opens the Chicago Cubs Season by Implementing Hawk Search on Their E-Commerce Sites

CHICAGO, IL, April 3, 2014Wrigleyville Sports, a family-owned, leading licensed sports novelty retailer, implemented Hawk Search to make it easier for fans to find apparel and keepsakes for their favorite teams.

As the Cubs open the season against the Pittsburgh Pirates and then head home to meet the Philadelphia Phillies for the season opener at Wrigley Field, fans will find it easier than ever to show their team pride and shop for official sports apparel on wrigleyvillesports.com.

Eric Castellucci, the online manager for Wrigleyville Sports, cited customer feedback as the number one driver for implementing a third party search solution. “We value feedback from our customers! The ability to narrow product selection by size and style is clearly a feature that’s important to them,” explained Castellucci. “With the easy-to-use merchandising feature in Hawk Search, we’re able to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations on our website.”

Wrigleyville chose Hawk Search for the following features:
  • User-friendly merchandising tools – A merchandising workbench that enables business users to generate dynamic landing pages, implement ranking and relevancy rules, and promote products.
  • Easy to understand analytics – Customizable dashboards can be used by merchandisers, buyers, and marketing managers to monitor activity on products and adjust strategies.
  • Robust out-of-the-box functionality – Hawk Search includes faceted navigation, smart AutoComplete, dynamic landing pages, merchandising tools, and more without customization.
“There were a few things that made this implementation unique,” explained the Hawk Search CEO. “Wrigleyville’s native e-commerce platform wasn’t designed to integrate with third party tools. After thoroughly reviewing all options, we worked together to design a great solution with simple implementation. We think this change will break the Cubs Curse! And if it does, we hope the Cubs will personally autograph all of Wrigleyville’s Cubs fan-o-belia.”

About Hawk Search
Hawk Search is a feature-rich e-commerce site search engine designed to help deliver a relevant and effective customer experience. Hawk Search customers are experiencing tremendous revenue increases with features including the utilization of personalized search results, the ability to target site search results based on visitor location and custom visitor buckets, intelligent search that automatically adjusts relevancy by popularity, and banner campaigns and dynamic landing pages for merchandising and trend detection, responsive design and more. For more information visit: www.hawksearch.com

About Wrigleyville Sports
Wrigleyville Sports first opened its doors at 959 W Addison Street in Chicago, across the street from Wrigley Field, on March 26, 1990, and has developed a reputation for having "everything for every Cubs fan." Wrigleyville Sports is a privately held company, and has been family-run for its entire 25 year history.  www.wrigleyvillesports.com.
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