Hawk Search Releases New Feature to Site Search Results based on Visitor Demographics

Chicago, IL, February 4, 2014 -- The most recent upgrade to the feature rich Hawk Search platform enables brands to target site search results with exceptional precision based on pre-determined variables.

Visitor Targets is defined as marketing that targets a specific group of visitors based on user defined categories such as location, device used, and source.  It is widely used in PPC (Pay-per-Click) campaigns and is particularly important for mobile search.  The benefits include:
  • Increased overall conversions as a result of targeted messaging
  • Relevant product placement
Hawk Search technology will deliver highly personalized results and enables merchandisers to dynamically optimize their customer experience.  The new Visitor Targets functionality allows businesses to display custom banners and trigger merchandising rules based on location and source of a visit and other retailer defined categories within milliseconds.  These sources include traffic from email or paid search campaigns, browser, device, and custom parameters.

“We think Visitor Targets will be one of the most exciting developments in site search technology in 2014,” says the Hawk Search CEO.  “We’re constantly innovating to improve existing functionality and continuously adding new features that will increase conversions and help drive more revenue for our clients.  For instance, Hawk Search will allow an online retailer to display winter coats to people in Chicago and short sleeve shirts to people in Florida during the cold weather months; even banners can be customized according to customer parameters.”

For more information or a demo on Hawk Search and its enhanced site search abilities, visit the Hawk Search website at www.hawksearch.com.

About Hawk Search
Hawk Search is a feature-rich e-commerce site search engine designed to help deliver a relevant and effective customer experience. Hawk Search customers are experiencing tremendous revenue increases with features including the utilization of personalized search results, the ability to target site search results based on visitor location and custom visitor buckets, intelligent search that automatically adjusts relevancy by popularity, and banner campaigns and dynamic landing pages for merchandising and trend detection, responsive design and more. For more information visit: www.hawksearch.com
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