Want to Spike Your Conversion Rate? Pay Attention to 3 E-commerce Search Features

May 03, 2017

Hawk Search is proud to present this guest article, which was written by our partners at Search Technologies.

Is your e-commerce site search producing relevant, personalized results? Are you getting the conversion rate you want? If you’re an e-retailer, these statistics (published by e-consultancy) might sound familiar: while only 30% e-commerce visitors use site search, conversion rates through site search can be up to 50% higher than the average.

Being so accustomed to the search experience on Google and Amazon, online shoppers expect similar search experiences everywhere else. If your e-commerce search is not up to par, your conversion and retention rates are probably suffering as a result.

Here are three search features that can significantly enhance your online shoppers’ experiences and conversion rate:

  1. Query Completion / Autocomplete – This feature predicts the rest of a word or phrase that a user is typing into the search box and provides the user a list of possible suggestions. Query completion is most effective when the suggestions are based on popular search queries or high-value queries identified by the retailer. Thus, a successful autocomplete implementation can help drive onsite searchers to your most-likely-to-convert products.
  1. Relevancy Ranking – As your product catalogs grow, so does the difficulty of ensuring that the best-matched products make it to the top of your site search results. E-commerce companies carry a wide range of products from different distributors who may have different ways of categorizing their data. Thus, constantly improving your data tagging, assessing site search performance, and tweaking your relevancy algorithms will be key to converting your online shoppers. After all, if they can’t find it, they can’t buy it. It’s also worth noting that, as the number of mobile and app users grows, adjusting relevancy rankings to show the right products on smaller screen sizes is critical. A guideline for improving search on mobile apps can be accessed here.   


  1. Personalization / Predictive Recommendations – Having the most relevant products show up when the user searches for them is great. But what’s even better? Consider recommending products or content that a particular shopper might want to buy. Users will appreciate that you’ve come to understand their preferences and help them discover more things that they like. This could ultimately increase your revenue per shopper and site search ROI. Personalized recommendations rely on big data processing and log analytics to show the most relevant recommendations based on real-time and past data about users’ search queries and click activities.


Continuously adding valuable features and tweaking site search performance can deliver measurable impact on e-retailers’ bottom lines.


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