Tools You Should Be Using To Research Your Consumers

Mar 01, 2017

One of the amazing things about technology is that it actually increases people’s passion to consume. A clear understanding of who your customers are and what motivates them to buy the things they really want will help you make your e-Commerce site their ideal source for the products you offer. With this in mind, we’ve decided to take a look at a few free tools that can help you understand your customers.

Google Trends gives you access to how search terms trend over time, insights you can use to discover when and where consumers are interested in products, as well as how they search for them. By comparing performance of multiple keywords by region or category and viewing related topics and queries, you can learn a lot about how your target customers search for items, as well as their other interests. This can be very useful information for helping customers find what their looking for on your site.

Social Media is an immensely powerful tool when it comes to market research. Your customers are far more likely to speak freely about products like yours, the needs they fulfill—and how products fall short of expectations—to friends, family, and professional contacts than with any consumer research team. What they are saying, what platform they are using to say it, and what they do and don’t like can be especially useful information that is easy to access. Plus, you can use the information you glean to market to customers on these platforms.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a great tool for figuring out the best keywords to target. Okay, it’s not technically free, but clever users have discovered a workaround so you don’t actually have to spend anything: enter $1.00 when it prompts you for a dollar amount. Then just make sure to suspend the campaign before you finish creating your account!

Amazon is not to be forgotten—after all, 52% of product searches begin there! Not only can you see where a specific item ranks in several related categories (look under Product Information), you can also explore bestsellers by category and subcategory.

Arming yourself with a strong understanding of consumers of your products will reduce risk when you introduce new products or marketing campaigns, and you’ll be able to tailor your site to best meet your visitors’ needs. It’s the ultimate win-win situation: visitors to your e-Commerce website will find what they are searching for easily and intuitively, and you will be able to turn visitors into customers more effectively than ever before.