Four Steps to Take Now to Scale Your E-Commerce Business

Feb 16, 2017

Whether you just created your e-commerce site today or already have an established site with loyal customers, you probably dream of scaling your business. After all, e-commerce sales are expected to surpass $480 billion by 2018—who wouldn’t want a larger piece of the pie? No matter how far along you are on your journey to e-commerce world domination, there are steps you can take now to prepare for periods of dramatic growth. 
  1. Create an awesome customer service policy.

    Take the time to write out what it is you do to keep your customers happy, particularly when they have a complaint. You already know that how you address a problem is just as important as what caused the issue in the first place, and more sales may bring more problems. Having a really great policy in place will ensure your customers stay happy as your company grows—and that will promote good word-of-mouth, generating even more growth.

  2. Implement a strong marketing strategy.

    The Internet is full of your potential customers. Word of mouth is an important element in helping people find you, but it probably won’t be enough to reach each and every one of your ideal customers. Social media, SEO, blog posts, and email marketing are just a few options you’ll need to consider to help guide Internet denizens to your website. By strategizing your marketing efforts from the outset, you can help drive new customers to your site, as well as retain the attention of current customers.

  3. Optimize operations.

    Logistics will become more complex as you grow. Fulfillment services or drop-shipping may be options to think about so you can keep your focus on areas of the business that require your specific expertise. If fulfilling in-house makes the most sense, set in place tools, systems, and people that will allow operations to be as flexible as possible to keep up with changing customer needs. Remember too that your customer deserves to know where his or her order is in the processing and shipment process. It’s an important part of a great customer experience.

  4. Provide an exceptional customer experience.
    As your e-commerce business expands, you will need to balance staying true to your original vision with evolving alongside your customers. How they’ll evolve will be hard to forecast, but what you can predict is more traffic. Are any pages of your site slow to load? Slow pages and bottlenecks could be a huge problem when you have a lot of visitors – and that goes double for responsive sites. Your site absolutely must be easy to navigate, whether a visitor prefers searching or browsing. Not only do search engines rank difficult-to-maneuver sites lower than more intuitive options, your visitors will find an alternative if your site doesn’t meet their needs.

With the framework for a scaled e-commerce business already in place, you can minimize growing pains, reduce risk, and provide a seamlessly awesome experience for your customers even in the midst of an expansion. That will take you one step closer to e-commerce world domination.