The Value of Hawk [VIDEO]

Jan 13, 2017

Have you seen our new video? We’ve created a quick snapshot of some of the value that Hawk provides, as explained by members of our team.

To meet the needs of the modern shopper, online retailers must provide tools that allow for a fast, relevant, and satisfying user experience – whether they’re using a tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

Search is the gateway to a website. For many visitors, the first feature that they interact with is the search bar, so it is crucial to provide a positive experience. Search and e-merchandising tools must be intuitive and even predict what the customers are looking for, so that they can find the items they want quickly and easily. This is one of the reasons that Hawk Search is completely customizable.

A customer may come to a website to buy a black winter jacket. Hawk can recognize all of those terms, so that the best results can be provided. That means that jackets that are black would be shown, with the correct black option image, and in the winter category, in addition to jackets in general. Hawk takes this a step further by recognizing where the user is located, which would allow Florida users to view lighter winter jackets, and Illinois users would see the heavier options.

Hawk is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, not just for consumers, but for clients and business users as well. Hawk features a full workbench, with direct access to powerful tools for merchandising, recommendations, visitor targeting, and more. A full reporting suite offers access to see how Hawk is behaving and performing, and a preview window provides the option to see search results.

One of the key advantages of Hawk is its flexibility. Since the Hawk's solutions are platform agnostic, websites on any platform can be integrated, including Magento, IBM Websphere, Hybris, and homegrown platforms. Since Hawk is powerful and completely customizable, it works great for B2B and B2C businesses, including Enterprise grade companies. Our team is dedicated to helping clients grow and succeed with the help of our solutions.