5 Ways to Ride the Holiday Mobile Wave

Nov 03, 2016

It's that time of year! Back to school shopping is winding down and retailers are gearing up for the holiday 2016 shopping season. The stage is set for a profitable holiday season for retailers who are prepared and have a smart digital strategy in place, with mobile front and center.

“This year, the increase in mobile commerce will be driven by a few things,” said Jaime Toplin, a research associate with BI Intelligence. “Millennials use their phones as their primary device, and as they make more, they’ll spend more. And on the retailers' end, they are going to create more opportunities for people to buy.”

Mobile devices accounted for 57% of all online shopping traffic, up 15% year-over-year, according to IBM. On Thanksgiving, mobile accounted for 60% of online traffic and 40% of online sales. There's little doubt that the shift to mobile will continue to grow and retailers are focused on implementing strategies to capture the attention (and dollars) of today's mobile shopper.

5 Mobile Message Strategies 

  1. Use push notifications to drive early engagement — Consumers love to research using their mobile devices and they are starting earlier and earlier. According to a Urban Airship's 2015 Holiday Shopping Report, the highest notification engagement rates were Nov. 1 and Nov. 3, highlighting mobile's role in pre-shopping activities.
  2. Make your messages engaging — Use emojis to add a colorful element and helps your notifications stand out from the others or consider adding a festive flare to your app icon to show off your brand personality. You can also make messages more engaging by asking users to take action like "tap to shop now" or "slide to view."
  3. Use interactive push notifications — Last year Shop Direct's MyVery app used interactive notifications asking users to swipe left to receive daily deals during Black Friday. Alex Baldock, CEO of Shop Direct, said the e-commerce giant saw a “record week” leading up to Black Friday with overall growth up 64% year-over-year across platforms such as Very.co.uk and Littlewoods. Done right, interactive notifications are a great way to engage consumers and gain customer insights.
  4. Personalize your messages — A “me too” approach to personalization in the form of discounts is overused and only appeals to customers who are discount shopping. Focus on the distinct attributes of your brand and product, connect with your customer, and tell a story.
  5. Mobile wallet gift cards — Increase your reach to the millennial crowd by moving plastic gift cards to mobile wallet gift cards. Say goodbye to lost and unspent gift cards; a mobile wallet gift card is always with the consumer and they can be reminded of it when they walk into your store.

Now is the time to seize the mobile engagement opportunity!