Stay in the Game with Agile Site Search Technology

Jul 14, 2016

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Online retailers of all sizes must invest in technology that enables them to deliver a great customer experience if they want to stay competitive. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to an e-commerce website and one of the most important components of the online shopping experience is site search.

Product findability is one of the biggest challenges facing online retailers, especially businesses that house thousands of SKUs on their site. As an online shopper, there's nothing more more daunting being presented with a set of search results that contains hundreds of products, especially if there are a large number of items that are not relevant to the search query.

Let's say, for example, that you run a site that sells both almond milk and almonds and many of your other products contain almonds as an ingredient. A customer searches for "almonds" and the search returns results for almond butter, almond milk, and innumerable amount of other items that contain the word almond somewhere in the description. Chances are that the customer looking for almonds is only interested in seeing the selection of items that are flagged with the product attribute "nuts."

Chances are also pretty high that a visitor will abandon the search and move on to a competitor. The customer perceives that the effort it will take to sort the results is not worth their time, so they leave. And you l

Improving the Customer Experience

Here's where an agile site search solution can help solve the problem and improve the customer experience. In addition to providing visitors the ability to filter by product attributes, site search tools such as Hawk Search make it easy for merchandisers to implement query level URL redirects that automatically refine the search results for the searcher.

In addition to handy tools such as URL redirects, the best on-site search technology solutions offer these key features:
  • Intelligent Site Search — A core search engine that adds intelligence and influences relevance based on real-time user behavior, business metrics, and boost and bury rules.
  • Predictive Recommendations — The ability to tap into the power of machine learning to drive 1:1 merchandising throughout your entire site; full control of when, where, and which recommendation strategies are used is in the hands of the business user.
  • Visitor Targets — Define visitor targets by things like source (email, paid search, social media, etc.), browser, state, time of day, user, and custom values that can be configured based on data availability.

These are just a few examples of the agile site search technology tools you can implement to execute a customer-first strategy, deliver a great customer experience, and stay in the game by meeting the expectations of today's customer.