Agri Supply® Uses Data to Deliver Targeted On-Site Search Results

Jul 12, 2016

Agri supply

One of the neat things about working with the Hawk Search team is having the opportunity to gain insights into a wide variety of industries and to hear first hand how Hawk Search is helping them improve the customer experience and increase revenue.

Being somewhat of a data geek myself, I enjoyed talking with Chris Barnes, web coordinator for Agri Supply, a family owned group of farm stores. Over the past 50 years they've expanded their product line from a selection of tractor parts and accessories to include over 26,000 products across multiple categories. In addition to a website, Agri Supply has eight retail locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia where customers can find everything from hunting apparel to cooking supplies in addition to farm machinery and implements. 

The team at Agri Supply considers the website to be a key part of the overall customer experience; it drives foot traffic to the physical stores, integrates with the online catalog, and is used by customer service associates to assist customers in locating items. They rely on data to understand shopping behavior and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Chris summed it up well during our conversation, “Without accurate data and good analytics, it can be challenging to deliver a relevant shopping experience when a consumer might be shopping across multiple categories during the same session."

The growing importance of the website to the overall business prompted the team at Agri Supply to look for a technology solution that would improve the relevancy of on-site search results and enable them to tailor the customer experience. In addition, they wanted to be able to leverage site-wide analytics and individual pieces of customer data, like location, to tailor the customer experience.

Their key requirements included:
  • Support for location specific targeted marketing
  • Faceted navigation with the ability to control merchandising at a category level
  • Robust autocomplete 
  • Business-user control over the online shopping experience
  • Related searches
  • Product ranking and priority rules
  • Ability to merchandise all items with a common attribute with one rule
  • Data-driven merchandising capabilities
They explored several on-site search solutions and selected Hawk Search because of the ease of implementation, highly relevant out-of-the-box results, and the reporting features. The merchandising workbench is feature-rich and easy to use and uses data to optimize the customer experience. 

Chris shared that they had some unique requirements around OEM numbers and how Agri Supply wanted them to display in search results. It was awesome to hear that "The Hawk Search development team delivered a great solution and now it’s easy to display model numbers in the result set."

The proof is in the results and in addition to an increase in the use of site search and the anecdotal comments from customers about the ease of use, Agri Supply has experienced significant gains in:
  • Percentage of customers using site search
  • Average order value 
  • Conversion rate
  • Average # of items per order
  • Cart abandonment
  • Time on site
  • Return visit

Working with the team at Agri Supply was great and we couldn't be happier with the results. Once again, we are proud to provide solid e-merchandising solutions tailored for optimal e-commerce success.