11 Effective Product Recommendation Strategies

May 10, 2016


Customers love a personal touch and offering contextually relevant product recommendations adds that special touch to an online shopping experience. Not only do product recommendations improve the customer experience, they can also drive additional revenuejust ask Amazon!

Without further ado, let's talk about personalized product recommendation strategies that your customers will love and will drive sales.

Product Recommendation Types

  1. Also Added To Cart – Recommend similar products based on what other shoppers have also added to their shopping cart. 
  2. Also Bought – Suggest products that are commonly purchased together by offering complementary items which most users frequently buy based on order transaction history. 
  3. Also Viewed –  Recommend products that are “similar” to the product(s) viewed by the shopper. Products are considered to be similar if most users view one or more of them while shopping.
  4. Best Sellers – Integrate actual sales data into the product recommendation logic. With the right solution you can import historical sales data to jump start your best sellers strategy.
  5. Featured Items – Feature contextually relevant products based on attributes, such as brand or category, from within a landing page.  
  6. Hot Now! – Promote products based on real time buy, add to cart, and view behavior.
  7. More Like This – Offer relevant suggestions for products that are similar based on user-defined fields that describe the product, such as Title, Brand, and Product Description.
  8. Most Popular – Promote the “most popular” items on your site with real-time data, including Buy, Add to Cart, and View. 
  9. Personalized – A one-on-one personalization strategy is based on an individual visitor’s actions and behaviors in real time, using machine learning technology. 
  10. Recently Viewed – Make it easy for your visitors to shop and navigate the items they’ve browsed by displaying a list of their recently viewed items.
  11. Trending Items – Use data from the “most popular,” “hot now,” and “best sellers” strategies and calculate a “trending” factor to feature items that are among the most browsed and purchased.

An effective product recommendation engine and strategy can help boost sales by making the entire shopping experience more relevant and engaging.