Magento Plug-in

Hawk Search's Magento plug-in automates data extraction for site search

The Magento plug-in is supported for both the Community and Enterprise versions of the Magento e-commerce platform. The plug-in is free for Hawk Search clients and is available in the Magento Community.


The plug-in provides the following features and benefits:

  • Hawk Search data export – The plug-in will automatically create data feeds that conform to the guidelines for Hawk Search. This eliminates the need to create custom scripts and data feed programs and saves valuable IT time and resources.
  • Rapid Deployment – Installation and configuration of the plugin requires no programming changes and can be completed by an admin user.
  • Data feed access and control – Data feed updates can be scheduled and also run on an ad hoc basis whenever necessary. You control the attributes to include or exclude in the data feed and can configure options to control the export of “out of stock” items and “disabled” categories.
  • Multiple installation types are supported – You can implement the program using JavaScript (out of the box), a full API, or a hybrid approach via a Proxy URL.
  • Hawk Search JavaScript Integration (front end) – Style your search results to match your Magento implementation without additional development. Easily configure the look and feel of your search results page from within your Magento user interface.
  • Configure Auto Suggest – Allows you to specify the JavaScript needed to trigger the search ahead feature for your site.
The Magento plug-in accelerates implementation, returns a more rapid ROI, and enables a seamless integration with Hawk Search.

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