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  • Does Your Website Suffer From Over-Categorization?

    by Beth Browning | Aug 18, 2016
    Users want and expect an intuitive search experience on all websites. It is so ingrained at this point that there is little to zero tolerance for incorrect return results. One way to curb irrelevant returns is to have the categorization vs filtering system properly and accurately set. What a e-commerce developer might think is "covering all bases" in categorization, it actually is narrowly the field by filtering out all relevant options. Read more to learn how your e-commerce site can avoid this common pitfall.
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  • Mobile Product Findability: Missed Opportunities

    by Beth Browning | Aug 16, 2016
    Investments in optimizing the on-site search capabilities and improving product findability are sure to delight your customers and drive additional sales. Read more to learn four common pitfalls for mobile product findability and the quick tips to improve your e-commerce mobile performance.
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  • 3 E-commerce Product Filtering Best Practices

    by Beth Browning | Aug 11, 2016
    Having intuitive, relevant search results is the first half of the battle for positive customer experience. Filtering information so that it's relevant, helpful, and intuitive to the user is a bit like reading their minds. Using filtering properly, however, is now a must. So with the holidays right around the corner, it's time to master the e-commerce mind-reading trick and filter your results. Read on to find out how other top performing e-commerce companies are handling it.
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