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  • Sorting & Filtering - A Key to Product Findability

    by Beth Browning | Aug 09, 2016
    Attention spans are at a premium in today's online shopping market. E-tailers have limited time to capture customers and to must use that time to maintain their interest enough to finish a purchase. It can be a herculean task, that's for sure. Making it easier for website visitors to sort and filter through products means their eyeballs are landing on the products they need quicker and more reliably... which means conversions for you. Read on to learn more about sorting and filtering to maximize your site search functionality.
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  • Users Perform Color Searches — Are Your Search Results Relevant?

    by Beth Browning | Aug 04, 2016
    Does your search function have customers seeing red? Using product attributes is a great way to improve the customer experience and lead to increased conversions and average order value.
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  • Does Your Product "Hover Over" Contain the Right Information?

    by Beth Browning | Aug 02, 2016
    The mouse-over hover is bonus product information for desktop users....Is your e-commerce site using this feature to your advantage? Read more about how the mouse-over hover state helps consumers find the product information necessary with minimal effort and what you can do to achieve a positive online customer experience.
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