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  • Customer Experience Demands are Rising

    by Beth Browning | Sep 13, 2016
    Being able to execute a great mobile experience is key for e-commerce companies, especially in the modern age of competing with Amazon Prime. It's more important than ever to personalize promotions, marketing messages, and product recommendations in a way that is uniform and consistent for all channels to meet customer expectations. Read on to learn more.
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  • Retail Personalization: Building Customer Trust

    by Beth Browning | Sep 01, 2016
    Online consumers have high expectations for personalization online but this dovetails with reticence and restriction on amount of data consumers are willing to share and have known. It can be a slippery slope for many e-commerce retailers who want to mine particular data to better target online shopping behavior, but do not want to put off potential customers by overstepping boundaries. Read on to learn more about this blurry dichotomy and what to keep in mind when applying personalization to your e-commerce business.
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  • The Changing Role of Black Friday

    by Beth Browning | Aug 25, 2016
    Black Friday used to be a official start of the holiday shopping season. It was often depicted as a frenzy as people lined up for hours to be part of the day's deals. With the rise of smartphones and the increased ease and expectation of mobile shopping, brick-and-mortar stores need to change their tactics in order to capitalize on not only Black Friday but the extended holiday shopping season. Read on to learn how e-commerce businesses are affected.
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