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Hawk Search Announces Comprehensive Digital Experience Suite to Drive Unparalleled Online Shopping Experience

Leading and growing e-commerce sites improve their customer shopping experience with Hawk Search's continually advancing e-merchandising platform, resulting in higher conversions and more consumer traffic.


The most recent upgrade to the robust and feature-rich Hawk Search platform provides merchandisers increased versatility to control and improve the customer experience.

Hawk’s Digital Experience Suite offers the ability to provide targeted merchandising and display highly relevant product listings to each and every visitor. Site search results can be exceptionally precise based on visitor attributes, such as geographic location, source of the visit, and other demographic information. Merchandisers can also take an ownership approach and fully control what products display and in the desired exact order, creating endless options and opportunities for engagement.

This unified shopping experience improves conversion rates across the board for customers, including Shoe Carnival, PGA Tour Superstore, and Sweetwater Sound, Inc. Whether shoppers start their journeys from the site search box, top level navigation, or by landing on a content landing page, Hawk can influence the whole experience up to checkout. Also, merchandisers now have control over their experience through one unified Workbench tool. Pairing these capabilities with Hawk’s performance provides an optimized experience for every shopper.

“The dashboard and tool set allows a company to quickly review, change and provide quick personalization, without the need of a large technical team,” said Nathaniel Norris from Central Restaurant Products. “The visible score and boost figures will allow you test and improve your results sets much quicker.”

Built to augment any e-commerce platform from—Magento to Oracle Commerce—Hawk provides capabilities that can accelerate revenue and growth. By expanding their partner ecosystem with innovative and forward-thinking relationships, and speeding up implementation times with reliable e-commerce platform plug-ins, Hawk drives how modern e-commerce businesses cater to online shoppers and stay relevant and in demand in today’s marketplace.

Hawk's Digital Experience Suite features include: 

  • Comprehensive and Intuitive Workbench
  • Visitor Targeting / Personas
  • Intelligent Site Search
  • Smart Autocomplete
  • Faceted Navigation
  • Organic Search / SEO Impact
  • Mobile / Tablet Experience
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Recommendations Engine: Multiple Algorithms/Strategies, Machine Learning, and Advanced Tracking
  • Over 300+ features

 “Our core team has been in the e-commerce space since the mid-90s,” explains Andrew Wawrzynek, Hawk Search Chief Architect. “Since then, we’ve been steadily extending our capabilities and are proud to have become a central tool for our merchandisers. We love that.”

Hawk Search 
Founded in 2012 by proven e-commerce entrepreneurs, Hawk Search strives to equip established e-commerce companies with the most comprehensive e-merchandising platform to drive growth.

An e-commerce team utilizes the modern, easy-to-use platform to deliver a relevant experience based on proven machine learning to determine what is important to the customer and profitable for their clients. With over 400 sites, Hawk has been gaining larger, high profile clients as it continually expands its feature set.

Connect with Hawk Search:

Hawk Search 
Phil Fiore, (630) 469-2934 
Director of Sales

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