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September 2016 News Release Snapshot

Happy Fall, y'all! Our clients continue to trust us with their ideas and suggestions that keep us constantly improving the Hawk Search product. This month’s release has a number of workbench improvements, a new API call and more. Read on to learn about the latest Hawk enhancements!

It will be getting colder so our team is ready for our fall jackets in Chicago. Speaking of getting colder, a lot of our clients are going into their annual code freezes soon. This means we are already working hard on completing our final monthly release in October. Without further ado, here's a recap of the enhancements from the September release:

Hawk Search Enhancements

Manage Sorting Setting: The sorting options for users can now be managed in the workbench.  A set of sorting options can be configured to display based on a highly configurable display trigger.   

Facet Visibility Based on Number of Results: When configuring display rules for facets, there will be a new option to trigger the facet display based on the number of results returned.  For example, the Search Within facet could be set to display when the number of results is greater than 100. 

API—Indexing Status: The status of an indexing request can be obtained through a new API call.  The response will include the time the indexing started and the current status.

Configure Cascading Search Queries: If needed, cascading queries can be done in multiple iterations.  For example, if the Title field is the only searchable field and only 2 results are returned with the first search, a second query can be done that adds more fields for consideration.  There can be up to 3 iterations of searching.  Each field that is flagged as searchable with the field “Query this field?” will also have a value indicating which search iteration(s) the field should be considered for.   

Enhanced Search on Redirects Page: The Content field is introduced in the Search section. This allows to search for terms throughout the whole rule. Searching for redirects will now include results where your search term is in a trigger, like keyword.  In the example shown below, the word ‘test’ was used.  It returned 2 redirects that do not have the word test in the Name or Redirect URL.  When opening the redirect, you can see that the word test is in the trigger.   

Content Item Triggers in Landing ZonesWhen setting up an item to display in content landing page zones, a trigger can now be used to determine the conditions for which the piece of content will display.  The trigger can be created using a visitor target or a custom parameter.  

Thank You

Keep those suggestions coming and watch your inbox for next month’s release notes! If you have any ideas for the product roadmap, please let your Account Manager know or email us at

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