• Three Questions You Need To Ask To Help Improve Your Site Search

    by tim snyder | Jan 18, 2017
    A company’s website is a critical factor in differentiating from competitors. Your site is a window into the style, personality, and mission of your company, and the experience visitors have is a big part of that messaging. But is every feature of your site conveying your message as well as you’d like?
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  • The Value of Hawk [VIDEO]

    by tim snyder | Jan 13, 2017
    Have you seen our new video? We’ve created a quick snapshot of some of the value that Hawk provides, as explained by members of our team.
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  • Happy New Year from Hawk!

    by tim snyder | Dec 30, 2016
    As 2017 begins, our team at Hawk is excited to renew our commitment to provide the best solutions and service possible. We pride ourselves on helping companies grow and see greater success through our technology, whether they've just joined the Hawk family, or have been using our solutions for years.
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  • Happy Holidays from the Team at Hawk Search!

    by Beth Browning | Dec 15, 2016
    It's hard to believe that 2016 is drawing to a close. We have so many things to be thankful for this holiday season. It's been an amazing year of growth and change.
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  • Holiday Season Resources Recap

    by Beth Browning | Dec 01, 2016
    The holidays offer a busy, hectic time...both professionally and personally. It can be hard to juggle all there is to manage. Consider Hawk Search your holiday helper with this round-up of invaluable resources and articles, all in one place. Be sure to like and share on social media so you too can help your e-commerce friends!
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  • 5 Tips for Managing Holiday Season Out-of-Stocks

    by Beth Browning | Nov 17, 2016
    The Holidays are upon us and there's a lot to juggle: your e-commerce site, your customer's experience, your sales. Some of these things cannot be helped at this point but one facet that can is managing your inventory and what-if scenarios for out of stock products. Read on to learn more.
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  • Tips for Improving the Customer Experience After Code Freeze

    by Beth Browning | Nov 10, 2016
    Around the holidays, an IT department will usually instill a "code freeze" so that no new changes or tweaks are happening as the online traffic increases. Potential errors and risks are then mitigated. However, the flip side of that is because so much traffic is happening during the holidays, patterns or issues might arise that are easy to fix and do not need major IT involvement. If a small tweak improves the customer experience, you should capitalize! Read on for more tips on code freeze and keeping the customer journey top of mind.
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  • 5 Ways to Ride the Holiday Mobile Wave

    by Beth Browning | Nov 03, 2016
    Summer is winding down and before you can blink, the holidays will be upon us... or at least, the displays will start to creep out soon enough! The holidays are the biggest rush of concentrated shopping and EVERY e-commerce business knows that this is the time to put their best foot forward. One of the year's biggest e-commerce trends and news stories has been the rise of mobile shopping. Check out some of our tips and trade secrets before the first twinkling light hits the shelves.
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  • What Data Should You Track During the Holiday Shopping Season?

    by Beth Browning | Oct 27, 2016
    The holidays are a good time to assess and track your online metrics, specifically the customer type, channel, and other demographic information from your site because the information gathered this holiday season will guide your plans for the coming year.
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  • Here's Why Your Website Needs Category-Specific Filters

    by Beth Browning | Oct 25, 2016
    What's good for the goose may not be good for the gander, in the case of product search relevancy. Using category-specific filters allows not only customers to pinpoint their desired product qualities but also allows online retailers to deliver a more complete search result. Happy results lead to happy geese and ganders. Read on!
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  • 3 Tips for Promoting Filters the Right Way

    by Beth Browning | Oct 20, 2016
    What good are the tools if you aren't using them properly? Knowing how to best apply and maximize the resources available can open customer pathways. This week's blog focuses on how especially pertinent it is to know how to use filters for promoting products...the right way.
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  • Drive More Revenue Through On-Site Search & E-Merchandising

    by Beth Browning | Oct 18, 2016
    E-merchandising allows online retailers to get a glimpse of the behavior and products of the online shopper. Having a complete Digital Experience Suite, like the e-merchandising platform Hawk Search provides, gives e-commerce companies the upper hand in determining relevant search results and targeted marketing.
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  • 5 Tips to Optimize Merchandising for the Holiday Season

    by Beth Browning | Oct 13, 2016
    Brick-and-mortar stores change their displays to signal the beginning of holiday shopping season. For decades, shoppers have been conditioned to get into the holiday spirit of shopping with holiday music and special promotions. Online retail is no different, though there are more appropriate and effective approaches. Read on to learn more about ways you can merchandise your e-commerce site this holiday season.
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  • Building a Business Case for Omnichannel in Retail

    by Beth Browning | Oct 11, 2016
    Omnichannel presence is quickly becoming necessary for online companies but the cost and energy for the undertaking can be daunting, as well as destructive, if not done properly. Read up on some tips to use for a clear path to omnnichannel mastery.
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  • People First | The Changing Face of Digital

    by Beth Browning | Oct 06, 2016
    These days, every business is a digital business; the successful ones put people first. Read on to learn more how the digital landscape is changing and how putting people-first can help e-commerce businesses stay ahead of the curve.
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  • Has Beacon Technology Finally Arrived?

    by Beth Browning | Oct 04, 2016
    Beacon technology is a fascinating and emerging technology trend. With all the potential e-merchandising avenues it could open, there are still many facets that remain still unexplored. Read on to learn more.
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  • E-Merchandising Tips to Improve the Customer Experience

    by Beth Browning | Sep 29, 2016
    In order to deliver a truly customer-centric and personalized experience across channels, it's essential that the right technology is in place. Read more to learn how e-merchandising for the right customers at the right time leads to more conversions and happily customer experiences.
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  • How Do Shoppers Get Inspiration?

    by Beth Browning | Sep 27, 2016
    Finding an capturing customers right at the moment they are looking for inspiration is the golden hour for retail marketing. Customers will seek out inspiration first, then eventually make a decision or purchase based on factors, like price, personal preferences, product reviews, and availability. How confident are you that your merchandising strategy is in the right place at the right time for customers?
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  • Customer-First Merchandising: Do You Put Your Customers First?

    by Beth Browning | Sep 22, 2016
    When your customers ask "What have you done for me lately?" are you confident that your e-commerce business knows exactly how to answer? Does the customer have a reliable, easy-to-use, relevant, and helpful experience on your website? If not, do you know how to fix that? Good customer experience is of the utmost importance, especially since the competition for attention is so high. This blog post talks about the tools that enable businesses to execute a customer-first merchandising strategy and have you acing the customer experience.
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  • Customers Still Aren’t “Buying” the Social Media Buy Button

    by Beth Browning | Sep 20, 2016
    While social media is a behemoth of a platform for engagement, it has not proven to be the bridge to sales conversion most thought or expected. Why the gap? Read on to learn more about the gap in social media's buy function and how platforms like Site Vibes are leveraging the trending power of social media to help boost online interactions.
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